Muscle Car Services & Pricing

Camaro Services

Mobil 1 oil change

V6 – $95.95

V8 – $114.95

ZL1 – $124.95

6th Gen SS (5W-30) – $134.95

6th Gen SS/ZL1 (0W-40) – $194.95

Z28 – $134.95

Includes new AC Delco oil filter, correct amount of Mobil 1 oil in your preferred weight, labor and a general inspection. Reset oil life monitor and tire pressures corrected.

*Specialty oils available at extra charge: Amsoil, Torco, Redline, Etc.

*Does not include tax or hazardous waste disposal

Diff Service – 4th & 5th Gen

$109.95 – V6 auto

$119.95 – V6 manual & SS

$199.95 – ZL1

Includes labor, drain and fill of rear diff with GM, Amsoil or Torco SGO synthetic oil and LS additive as needed.

6th Gen Diff Service

$129.95 – T4, V6, SS (non ELSD)

$164.95 – 1LE, ZL1, ZL1 1LE (ELSD)

Brake Pad replacement service – Z28 excluded

$125.00 – Includes labor to install new brake pads and labor to replace rotors (additional charge to resurface rotors). Price is per axle.  Rotors must be above discard spec to be able to resurface.

Brake pads are additional, we carry a full line of GM, R1 Concepts, Hawk and Baer products.

Manual transmission service

$159.95 – Includes draining and filling with new Synthetic fluids. GM oil for the V6 cars, RedLine D4 for all V8 cars.

Automatic transmission service – 4th & 5th Gen

$299.95 – V6

$339.95 – V8

$349.95 – ZL1

Includes labor, new GM filter, Trans pan gasket and GM Dex6 ATF.

6th Gen automatic transmission service

$369.95 – all 8 speed trans
$395.95 – all 10 speed trans
Includes labor, GM filter and gasket, correct GM ATF for application.

AC Service

$145.95 – includes new AC Delco Cabin filter, Recover, Evac and Re-charge A/C system with up to 1 lb of R134. Performance test included. (Does not include diagnosis)

YF1234 service also available

Coolant Service

$119.95 Drain and flush engine cooling system, Refill with up to 1 Gallon of new GM Dexcool and correctly bleed cooling system.

Brake Fluid Service

$119.95 – Dot3 fluid Auto transmission cars

$149.95 Dot3 fluid Manual transmission Cars (includes flushing and bleeding clutch)

$179.95 Dot4 fluid Auto Trans

$199.95 Dot4 fluid Manual transmission Cars (includes flushing and bleeding clutch)

S/S brake line upgrade – 5th Gen V6 & SS models, ZL1 & 6th Gens must call for pricing.

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